Honeynet Project Workshop 2017

Who are we?

The Honeynet Project is an international, non-profit (501c3) research organisation dedicated to improving the security of the internet. For the past 17 years, our volunteers have developed open source tools and released cyber security research associated with cyber attacks and deception to the public at no cost.

Who will be speaking and training?

While our workshop rotation means we might not be back for a few years, we plan to make up for it with an exciting line up of speakers and trainers, including developers of the Cuckoo Sandbox, the team from the Shadowserver Foundation, members of corporate and government incident response teams and the creators of many of the world honeypots and cyber deception tools.

Who will be attending?

Hackers, incident responders and cyber engineers wanting to improve their skills, managers seeking to gain hands on experience and cyber security experts seeking to meet, colaborate and learn.

Honeynet Workshop 2017